About Rebecca Balko

My name is Rebecca Balko, I am married and a very proud step-mom to two beautiful young women. I became a member of The Watershed Team October, 2006. I am a recovered addict/alcoholic as of 10/4/1988 when I decided enough was enough and I wanted a better life than the one I was living. I became willing to take suggestions and follow directions, which would also contribute to getting the opportunity to begin working in Addiction Treatment in Birmingham, AL in 1989 and to become a Certified Addiction Counselor in the early 90's. I came to Palm Beach, FL with my husband in 2006 and a few months later came to work at The Watershed. When I began it was with the goal of creating and developing a true Alumni Program that would offer Watershed alumni real services from the time they entered into treatment, all the way through until they were home from treatment, providing support, resourcing, encouragement and education. About 5 years ago an Alumni Family Outreach Program was developed as well. In the beginning we started with only a handful of Alumni and today we have several thousand alumni, as well as families nationwide! One of the blessings I received from working at TWS, was that I was given the opportunity to begin writing about recovery and even given multiple formats to do that in, one of which is this Blog on Write2Recovery. I consider my job a blessing because of all the opportunities it affords me to share with everyone I can, the most important truth I know: There IS hope!