14 Years Later…a follow up to Walking the Walk

With support I tried it again..
June 25, 2019
From Sports and Gangs… To Drugs and Recovery
July 12, 2019

14 Years Later…a follow up to Walking the Walk

I wrote “Walking the Walk” to get my story of addiction out there so that it may help someone(s) struggling with addiction and to let them know it doesn’t have to be a life sentence! That, with determination, hard work, consistency and professional help, you can beat the demons that are trying to keep you down!! I think that just as important as my addiction story, is “ where is Tom C now?!?

14 Years Later… life after active addiction!!

by Tom C a grateful recovering addict

I’ll start by saying, I am an addict! Yes, I’m clean for over 14 years, but I’m smart enough to know that I’m never out of danger! 1 line of cocaine and I’ll be back under the spell of the white powder, only worse than before!  Please, never let the “pink cloud” fool you!!! Always remember where you were, how you got there and how hard you worked to be where you are now!! Outside of my renewed relationship with GOD, being in recovery is the best gift I’ve ever received! My drug of choice was cocaine, but whether it’s alcohol, opioids, meth, gambling etc, you only need to remember that YOU GOT THIS!! You have your future in your control!! Remember the steps! Work the program! Go to meetings as often as you need! Remember that the people at these meetings have been and may still be where you are or were!! They can help you!! They are just like you!! I have put myself back on the map! I have amazing children who love me and respect me, not just because I’m there Dad, but because they know my past and they know that I loved them so much that I did EVERYTHING I needed to do and more to take my life back from the evil white powdered demon that tried to destroy me!! I’m winning!! Notice that I didn’t say I won! The war is still there, but I’ve won every single battle for over 14 years! Huge shout out to my higher power ( I choose to call GOD ), whom without, none of this would have been possible! THANK YOU to The Watershed!! The facility and staff enabled me to have the tools and strength to stay on this path!! The biggest Shout out goes to my family! My children, and my ex wives ( yes, my ex wives )!! You both knew that that guy who disrespected the marriages because of my mistress ( cocaine ) was not the guy I really was. I know you didn’t have much love or respect for me then, but you both cared enough to give me a chance to prove myself!! Look at us now!! Much mad love for you both!! Thank you to EVERYONE who helped and continues to help this grateful addict in recovery stay the course!!