With support I tried it again..

Watershed Experience
June 5, 2019
14 Years Later…a follow up to Walking the Walk
July 11, 2019

Well, I was a point 4 and hopeless.  I kept thinking to myself its no use and what is the point of trying again.  With support I tried it again, this time the last.

I am home for a month and doing well. Can I say that I never think about alcohol, NO. Do I have cravings, again NO. I really think this time I may have finally gotten it though this thick skull that there is a better way. I wake up in the morning feeling good and ready to take on the day.  I do have depression but I care for that with therapy.  Is it instantaneous, again I have to say NO.  But it helps.

I found the most important thing is to have a support group.  Someone you can call just to shoot the breeze and/or say I’m struggling.  It really is hour by hour and sometimes minute by minute. But……We can do it.

-Robert L.