One day at a time

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March 8, 2019
The journey called life……
April 29, 2019

One day at a time

I arrived at the watershed on the 15 of February 2019. My drug of choice was alcohol. At the time when I was traveling there I thought this was my last hoorah so I drank my entire trip there.

When I arrived I didn’t even know where I was at. After being checked in and having everything taken away from me, then being put in a room where I did not know anyone and being out of my environment and being medicated for an entire week. Then being asked to get up at 7 AM and go to meetings every day, and having everybody in the purple shirts telling me I need to go to the meeting. I will say it was not making me to happy, but now when I look back it was just to help get  100% out of the program.

Well, after the first week I started feeling better, but I still knew more than everybody there. Did I skip meeting yes, did I get pissed off that I did not have my cell phone yes, did I set outside and smoke cigarettes at times yes. Now all I can say is thank you for not giving up on me and taking my BS. As I know now that all of you at The Watershed did care about helping me and was not going to take no for the assure.

I do know now I will never get this kind of care from a professional staff that was just trying to work with me and my disease and all I was doing at the time was hurting me by not working on myself.

Well after a while I started coming around one day I thought to myself,  I have a disease and there is help right in front of me that is willing to help me every day, and there are given their time, tell me things from their experience, so I decided to become a leader and not a follower.

I started going to all my meetings I will say I always got something good out of it, I never miss my primary as this was where I was able to talk to someone that would hear me out and gave me a new tool every day. I always went to the weekend meeting and the AA meeting, this has  help me a lot to understand the AA meeting more and how importation it is to go to them here at home. Well after 4 weeks it was time to go to PHP. Will after hearing all the stores from all my day to day friends I was not going, no way.

But after meeting with my therapist she told one thing that made a lot of sense to me IF YOU DO NOT HEAR IT FROM ONE OF THE STAFF MEMBERS AND YOU ARE HEARING FROM THE OUTSIDE, IT IS EITHER NOT TRUE OR THEY DO NOT HAVE THE COMPLETE STORY. With that being side I went. I will tell you it was the best thing I did. It let me have a lot of my freedom back and I had a lot more appreciation and understanding for why I needed to spend the time at the Shed. After 2 weeks in PHP I moveD to IOP 7 and from there I went home.

After getting home. I will say if there is one thing I did right at the watershed it was changing my attitude as now I know why there is all the steps and meeting. This is so I would have all the tools I needed to make it out here.

Thank you to all the team at the watershed as I am 60 + days sober, you have all giving me the best gift that one man can ask for a new start in a sober life. Thank you, Thank you.

When People ask why do I have to struggle, why is everyone making this hard on me. They need to read the store of the Butterfly and take one day at a time. I remember ever day, left foot forward is the day we are in, and right foot back for the day that is behind us.

Doug H.