This is my story…

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February 26, 2019
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April 22, 2019

This is my story…

My name is Tina, and I’m an alcoholic and drug addict in recovery for 10 years now. Let me tell you my story. Grab some coffee and kick up your feet. I was raised in a wonderful town by a wonderful family. Church on Sundays and dinner with the family every night type of family. I cannot say I was raised in a house of addicts because there was nothing like that in my house. I was very athletic girl all through grade school into High School. I was a Team USA figure skater who traveled all the way to Italy to compete. An All Star softball player, and not so good basketball player. I tried out for a varsity cheer leading in 8th grade going in to 9th grade. I made the team. This meant hanging with the Seniors and starting my new sport called drinking. This definitely wasn’t my first introduction to alcohol. Just the beginning of the end of all I knew to be good. Drinking on the weekends started to take its toll, because I realized that I wanted to drink during the week as well as the weekends. My schoolwork started going downhill as well as my athletic abilities. It wasn’t until at 16 years old I was introduced to cocaine. I found out how much I enjoyed speeding in the breakdown lane. I also found out I could not stop between the alcohol and cocaine. I started Growing a demon and he grow stronger everyday.

To backup to family just a little bit I had found out that my great-grandfather and grandfather were both alcoholics. Something else I learned is genetics loads the gun and its function pulls the trigger. I ended up with a body that couldn’t handle alcohol and a mind that couldn’t process reality. I was never the type of person to burn Bridges behind me, I always like to burn the bridges in front of me. In the interim of all of this I had two beautiful children, with two different fathers and in between these pregnancies Party Like a Rock star. It came to a point in my life my family members no longer we’re going to help watch the children and watch me destroy myself. Before I had my children I already had been in a locked psych unit in my first rehab. After my first rehab I received my first introduction to AA, didn’t last very long. To jump to the end of my story because that’s the part that has the most hope. Hope didn’t matter to me until I became completely hopeless. My head couldn’t get enough and my body couldn’t take anymore. Going back and forth with addiction and rehabilitations, it finally came to a screeching halt. My family no longer was watching the children and I was taking them on my addiction Journey with me.

My last drink was picking up the phone for the last time and telling my father I screwed up again. This is where my beautiful Journey began. My dad handed me a phone book and said the family would watch the children go get help. First PJ open to was the Watershed and it was a huge life change her for me. I learned about a sponsor, 90 meetings in 90 days, sticking with the women, and not to forget the most important thing for me the big book in the breakdown of how I was going to solve this problem. And that was working through the steps with the big book step study sponsor. The first 3 steps is finding God and a belief in him, steps 4 through 9 is working on self, and step 10 is finding God, Step 11 is working on self, and 12 helping others. What works for one person in this program may not work for another person however, one thing that always has worked for old-timers known fact that meeting makers make it, and I am a product of that.. I have been now 10 years in recovery because I was ready. Now my children have a sober mom, my husband has a sober wife, and my family has a sober daughter in recovery I was able to get my Bachelor’s degree in Science of Psychology.

To this day, I am working in the field with people just like me and able to give back. A
paycheck is definitely a plus. And if you’re a newcomer or just coming back and you’re
reading this Welcome you are not alone, don’t be scared to speak, get to meetings, and ask
for help. And if all those fail just keep coming back.

My name is Tina and I am a recovering Addict