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February 28, 2019
Watershed Experience
June 5, 2019


Sitting in my office to write, I am surrounded by various items in every direction, each with its own purpose and meaning. Before me: a computer screen and phone, to which much of my time and attention is devoted. To my left a fax/printer and a color copy printer both resting atop two file drawer cabinets, with a HUGE map above, upon which both my boss and I have placed colored push pins in blue, red, purple and orange to mark significant places in the country to us individually. Behind me are storage closets for all sorts of supplies and needed items, a 4 drawer file cabinet and a book shelf with various objects from different periods of both my personal and professional life, that hold special meaning. To my right a large dry erase board to write ideas and plans as they come to me and beside that… two of my MOST prized possessions, both of which were drawn by my step daughters at a time when their hands were so very small.

What makes them my favorites? Well you see, they had a mama, a daddy, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins that they could make special things for…but they took time to draw those pictures for me, (step mom), and that made them the most wonderful gifts I have ever received. These personal items, as well as the motivational and spiritual wall and desk pieces, stir me both emotionally and creatively, but none so much as what can be found in every direction intermingled amidst the rest ~ photos…each in their own unique places and frames.

I can’t imagine coming to this office, (where during the work week I spend more “awake hours” than any place else – including home), and not being surrounded by them. Picture frames themselves do not have life in them yet and to look at them when shopping, without imagining “who” will go into them…well, I find they just aren’t that impressive. In fact I can’t think of one time that I saw a picture frame, (no matter how gorgeous), that if I couldn’t visualize what would go in it, having had any desire to actually purchase it.

The photos that surround me are more than just something to look at, as each one contains quite literally, a singular moment captured in time that can never be returned to except through this one venue ~ enabling my mind to return, recalling vivid details of all that was happening, and allowing my heart to recall the very feelings experienced at the exact moment it was taken! What dear and precious memories each and every one of them is. While there is physical distance between us, these precious moments, captured and held in frames, cause the distance to not seem so great, nor the time apart to seem so long. Serving as constant reminders to not let a moment go by left uncovered by gratitude, or left barren by subtle apathy that can cause hours to become days and days become weeks of failing to say, “I love you”.

Indeed the office is a busy place, where the goal of the day is to be productive and accomplish the tasks at hand…and quite honestly, it is a place I enjoy being. I find great contentment and joy in my work and in the people I work with. That being said, I feel quite certain, that what allows me to be the best that I can be, are having these very memories all around me, reminding me of what makes this life so good.

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