Letting Go

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July 12, 2018
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September 27, 2018

Letting Go

Letting go is never an easy task for anyone to experience. So many people would say let go and let God, but they forget to tell you how difficult the process of letting go actually is. It may seem so simple, however the process is very baffling. Nobody tells you about the contemplating thoughts you face when you are trying to make the decision to change. It is very easy to slip into the “what should I do phase” and begin to allow other people to decide when we should let go. Other’s opinions become more important than what we know is actually best for us. Deep down in our hearts we know we should let go, but a small voice keeps telling us otherwise, like hold on, it will get better, it’s not that bad, or you can handle it. When in reality we know that the longer we hold on the emptier we will become. The void gets deeper and letting go becomes even harder as we become trapped in a maze that we can’t escape. So now the question is how we make this great escape and free ourselves from this bondage. We pray, we fast, we cry, but none of that seems to be enough to provide us with the strength we need to let go.

In letting go there is no strength, it is embracing the weakness and pain that comes along with the process. The process will require you to be vulnerable, and allow yourself to go through each emotion that may come. If its sadness, guilt, shame, depression, or loneliness you still must embrace it. Many of us are afraid to let go because we are fearful of what it feels like to be sad, depressed, and alone. However, it is in being alone when you become who you are called to be. It is also the time when you can hear God’s voice the clearest. Many of us are too busy walking in other people shadows and are aligned with people we were never meant to be aligned with. Letting go requires breaking bonds and separating alignments, which can be uncomfortable to do. However, it is in our most uncomfortable stages that we develop the most character we never knew we had. We learn how to not fold under pressure and how to face our fears. You must understand that letting go is going to be extremely uncomfortable, but being comfortable should never be more important than peace and understanding.

It may seem contradictory to blend being uncomfortable and peace in the same sentence because many people believe peace means comfort. In actuality, peace is having the ability to stay calm in the storm and to know that what you are going through is not who you are. Letting go is not only physical, it is mental and spiritual as well. It is easy to separate from someone physically by simply distancing yourself from them. To separate mentally and spiritually is much more complex and requires more work. The mind and the heart are like paternal twins, they both belong to the same person but they don’t always do the same things. For example, your heart which is connected to your spirit may tell you to walk away, while mentally your mind is telling you to stay. You must dig deep inside yourself to be released both spiritually and mentally. Self-evaluation must take place to recognize the pollution that has polluted your mind and spirit. Therefore, being true to thy self, will allow the process of letting go to become less difficult.

I pray that you are able to live through whichever situations

are troubling you and that your mind be freed from contemplation.

In due time, it will all work out for your good. Follow your heart and love yourself.

Taylor P.