Where I’m Supposed To Be

Life At The Shed
August 3, 2017
Where I’m Supposed To Be
September 14, 2017

Where I’m Supposed To Be

Hello, my name is Kathleen J. and I am an alcoholic. I have been battling this disease on and off for over 15 years; starting in my early 20’s all the way to my 40’s. I drank a lot at concerts and while camping during the weekends. I had a job in sales and I drank a lot there too but I was always able to put it down. Sometime in my late 40’s something changed and my disease started to take over. I am married; I have two grown sons, and two grandkids. I always worked and took great care of my family (so I thought). That was not the case…

In 2005, I went to a state-run women’s rehab (I don’t recommend that) and I stayed sober for 6 years. I did go to meetings; however, I did not get a sponsor, work the steps, or even a program at all. I relapsed (big surprise, right?)

Fast forward to 2016…my drinking led my husband to send me to The Watershed. When I first got here I was scared, angry, and lost. My plan was to stay here for only a month (sound familiar?). As of August 21st I have been at The Watershed for a year. Coming here turned out to be a God send. I have changed, grown, and become more confident, self-sufficient, and independent. I never thought that was possible.

Today, I do work a program; I have a sponsor, I work the steps, and most importantly I have a Higher Power that helps me on a daily basis. I am happier here than I ever thought I would be. I do plan on returning home at some point, but for right now I am where I’m supposed to be. I love this community as well as the friends and family I have made here. When I first got here I did not like myself very much…now thanks to this place I like the person that I am today!

Kathleen J.