I Won’t Be Like The Others

Feeling Healthy and Alive
June 6, 2017
Sick and Frustrated
June 8, 2017

I Won’t Be Like The Others

They ask what brought me to The Watershed. Well too start off my story I was one of those who said I won’t be like the others I can control it! I saw my friends who would do it every day (and couldn’t stop because they would get sick. Of Course at first you don’t get sick I was one of those who said ” I’ll only do it on the weekend” then it went from there to if I only do it once a day it’ll be ok, then of course it went from there to doing it once a day to doing it all the time not to get to caught up in that, I was an addict off and on for 6 years I only stopped for short periods of time and that’s only when I was replacing it. I tried to go to our local clinic and tried doing the Suboxone treatment which was fine at first. My parents took me in, they started me off on a high dose and I was really messed up when I took that which at first I was like this is great but it went from that to doing my old habit along with the Suboxone because it just wasn’t the same. They tell you it can kill you but I didn’t care I just went on and the meds made me so sick I just started selling them for what I really wanted the thing that ended up in the end taking over my life and being the only thing that mattered to me “HEROIN”. From there I was back using then eventually I went to our local clinic and tried to do the methadone thing and Suboxone which just wound up being the same way.

So I went back and that’s when it got really bad I was married at the time that all this was happening I got married in the middle of my addiction! Which is never a good idea guys, I am just saying! Anyways I went back to working at the bars and doing anything and everything and things I said I’d never do to just get my next high. I lied to all my family and my friends about what I was doing, told them it wasn’t as bad as it really was. Then a few things happened and my life spiraled even farther down and it got so much worse. I lived in that spiral for 5 months and my 4th Overdose which opened my eyes more than ever! I was at my best friend’s house ( or so I thought they were my best friend) when I Od’d and they dragged me out side of their house then called the ambulance I was blue and been without air for a little while the ambulance said I woke up on the stretcher with them taking me out to the ambulance, when I got to the hospital they informed me that my heart was really weak and that if I were to do it again that my heart could just give out ( I have a heart condition). Yet I got out the hospital walked in the door and got high on the same thing that just almost killed me!

I lived like this for two more months  completely miserable I finally broke down and called my parents and told them I couldn’t do it anymore and I didn’t know what to do!!!! My dad Jumped on it the day I called him had The Watershed calling me the same day I lived in West Virginia so of course I was looking at treatment close to home but I am so glad that he sent me to Florida because I would have just went right back. Anyways Watershed called me talked to me and called me up until the day I came in even talked to me when I was high and crying because I didn’t wanna be that way anymore they helped me so much before I even got there. I was scared to death to get on that plane I still wanted to hold on but I wanted to let go so bad too. I finally get to The Watershed they did my intake, got all my information, got me all set up and in my room. I was HORRIBLE to staff my first week being there which pretty much everyone goes through, they told me or they may have told me that just to make me feel better! I don’t know but the staff were so sincere and helpful the entire time I was there. They got me through things I never imagined, even when i messed up in the program they took me back with open arms, and worked on the issues I was still having.

I thought I was ready and wound up leaving. The Watershed would call me and check up on me all the time and at first I was doing fine then of course I got in over my head and when they would call I think they would sense it or something because they kept calling me and I finally went back and they welcomed me with open arms again and worked with me just like they would anyone else. I was a .3 and they helped me through so many things in my life the staff at The Watershed are AMAZING! I had the best counselors Renee and Walter and Jerry. My life now is going really well I am working and working a program as well, it’s not always easy but you can do it I got out this last time and I got a job met the most amazing guy and now we are expecting. My life Is going AMAZING, and that’s all because the staff at The Watershed cared so much to help me through everything I was going through. You can do it just open up and work the program it was extremely hard for me to open up but when I did that is when I thrived and I’m doing the dang thing!!
Amanda B.