Feeling Healthy and Alive

Recovering Alcoholic From New York
June 6, 2017
I Won’t Be Like The Others
June 7, 2017

Feeling Healthy and Alive

My name is Corinne. I am an alcoholic. My sobriety date is 4-19-17. I was very sick with a hangover, guilt, shame, and hopelessness the day before and I asked my husband to go online and look up rehab centers. He called around locally and found that there were no inpatient openings available in Michigan where I live. Then he found the website for The Watershed in Houston, Texas. We called them together and found out they accepted our insurance. Lynn from The Watershed booked an airplane ticket for me to go to The Watershed the very next day. I was scared to fly and scared to be away from home but I knew if I didn’t do something to try and get some help for my addiction that I would either commit suicide or drink myself to death. I packed my suitcase and the next morning my husband drove me to the Saginaw airport. From there I got on an airplane that took me to an airport in Chicago. From there I got on another airplane that took me to an airport in Houston, Texas. And from there a driver was waiting to pick me up and take me to The Watershed. When I got to The Watershed I thought I had made a big mistake. I was pretty shaken up and I already regretted the decision to leave home. But the “tech’s” (which is what the staff is called) were very nice to me and reassured me that everything was going to be okay. So I signed all the paperwork was given a tour and then was taken to my room where I unpacked and did my best to settle in.

The first couple of days were really hard on me. I did a lot of sleeping. I was in the first stage which is called detox. And I was given medicine for anxiety and also something to help me sleep. When I started feeling better I started attending the group sessions where I learned a lot about my disease and the things that I can do to change my life so that I wouldn’t have to drink anymore. I understood that I really did not want to die but in fact I just wanted the pain to go away; and they knew how I could make that pain go away. While you are there they work with you through the first 3 steps of a 12-step program. They teach you ways to manage anxiety, stress, depression, and they also work with you if you need to be on depression medication or a mood stabilizer. Which, as it turned out, I needed to be on both. I saw a therapist, a doctor, and several nurses throughout the day every day. You are not medically neglected at The Watershed. Alcoholism is a physical, mental, and a spiritual disease. At The Watershed they treat all three of these components so that you can be completely free of your addiction to alcohol. They also teach you relapse prevention techniques so that you can live a healthy normal life outside of The Watershed and back into society.

The Watershed has given me my life back. And it has also given me my family and my friends back. I have self-esteem again! I have goals and ambitions again! I feel healthy and alive again! I smile now. I laugh now. I have interests and dreams, and I value myself as well as others again. Thank you to all of the staff and the patients at The Watershed for making me feel at home, giving me the support I needed, and letting me know that I am not alone. I made awesome friends and realized there are other people like me out there who suffer from anxiety and depression, who self-medicate with alcohol just like I did. And they taught me how to break the cycle of past abuse and how to keep from repeating the same bad choices over and over again in the here and now as well as future situations. Thank you, Watershed! Thank you from myself, my husband, my kids and all of the other members of my family and friends. And even though this is a “life long illness”, I now have the tools I need to treat this disease and to continue to learn and grow in my sobriety. I feel awesome! My love to all of my fellow sufferers. Stay positive and check out The Watershed!


Corinne H.