After An Overdose

My Sober Life Since TWS
September 9, 2015
One day at a time
April 22, 2019

I came to The Watershed after a severe overdose due to a mixture of Percocet’s, Fentanyl and Morphine ER, oh yeah and Clonazepam. Best that we can figure by pill counting the remainder of my prescriptions was I had taken a total of 14 Percocet’s, one fresh 65MCG Fentanyl patch and one Morphine ER 30mg tablet.

For all extensive purposes, there is absolutely no reason that I should have lived. Something somehow woke me as I was going into asphyxia. Yep, I was choking on my own vomit. I still don’t know how I made it to the bathroom; where there was this weird blue glowing light that lit my bathroom up. I remember what seemed like hundreds of pills coming up and thinking that “Man, I finally did it… I’m going to die”. This was about 11:30am. My wife came home from work at about 6pm and had brought our Grandkids home for the weekend.

She tells me that she called out for me several times and received no reply. She was very aware of my addiction so she had to restrain the Grandsons from “looking for their Grandpa”. She found me in a heap on our bed totally wet from sweating and extremely shallow breathing. Being in the medical field it didn’t take a genius to figure what had taken place. She checked me over and found a raw spot on my stomach… I had somehow pulled the Fentanyl patch off and she found it on the bathroom floor. It would have killed her or my Grandsons had she not used her knowledge and used a pair of surgical gloves to properly dispose of the patch. Enough about that we are all her for the same reason, we are addicts.

I put myself in The Watershed by chance. I have no idea where the heck the name came from, however when I arose from my stupor (that’s right no hospital) I stumbled to my office and pulled out my Percocet’s and proceeded to pour my usual 4 tablets of 10/300 that I would take 3 times a day plus to at night “just to take the edge off”, when my 4 year old grandson walked in on me. He looked at the pills in my hand and said to me “Grandpa, I’m hungry can I have some of your candy?” I threw the pills in my desk drawl and turned to my computer and type these words…THE WATERSHED. That was on the 29th of July 2016. I was in Boca Raton, FL. the night of Aug 2nd 2016 and was a patient by midnight Aug 3rd 2016.

I was safely detoxed within 10 days. I started attending groups the next morning which I would suggest no matter how bad you feel you make yourself go. As most of us know, nothing good comes easy. You have to want this for yourself. If you are doing this for any other reason I can almost guarantee certain failure!

I am approaching my 60 day Sobriety date and have never felt better in my life! I have found my Higher Power and know that I am most certainly powerless over my addiction and that my life had become more than unmanageable. I had to turn my will and my life over to my Higher Power, I mean let’s be serious here, how did I get in this mess in the first place…Yep I was driving, which was more than obviously not working for me! Today I am so happy that when I get up I look down and see two feet above the ground by the grace of God and the fellowship of The Watershed community and my NA home group and sponsor.  Remember to Love those around you and help each other get better! Some of the best therapy is what you share with each other.

Pay attention in groups, listen to the doctors and participate if you want the most out of this program. Techs like Arlin, Kevin, Mike, Steve, Bev and Walter (not trying to leave anyone out you all are amazing! And the nurses like Linda all some of the best therapy you can have. Trust me some of them make me look like a saint, but I am no better than any other addict. These folks have years of sobriety and if you listen close you will find love for you in all their hearts! I’m talking true love that is deeply rooted. They aren’t there for a pay check. Most of these folks have degrees that could take them anywhere in life; however they find strength in your recovery and therapy for themselves. Aleth you will be in my heart forever. I’ll never forget!  STOP  and you can bet you’ll receive a phone calls in the future so hold on tight. LOL.


Kevin L.