Finding Sanity Behind the Wheel!

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March 17, 2015
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Finding Sanity Behind the Wheel!

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Read by: Rebecca Balko
Length: 3:17

I came across a photo of a digital road construction sign, (you know, the kind that lets you know what is up ahead), and it read: “YOU’LL NEVER GET TO WORK ON TIME – HAHA!!” When I saw that I thought, “Wow! Depending on what time of the day it was, that might be funny ~ but on the other hand; it might just tick me off!” I am a self-confessed borderline “Temperamental Driver” in recovery. What I mean by that is: Traffic can be perceived and responded to in two completely different ways at any given time, depending on my spiritual state of being, (i.e. my level of sanity).

For instance in “bumper to bumper” traffic, when I am in a good spiritual state, I am inclined to think, “OK, I’ll have more time to listen to my music and relax. I might as well, I’m gonna be here for a while.” HOWEVER…when I’m NOT in a good spiritual place and stuck between the car in front of me and the car behind me, I will find myself wondering, “Why doesn’t the jerk in front of me GO ALREADY?!” and “Why does this a*% behind me keep riding my bumper?!” Awful sounding I know — but none the less…it is the ugly truth.

Much of my spiritual growth has occurred behind the wheel of my car because it is the one place that once I’m in it…I’m in it! After all, once you’re in the car, strapped in and driving… you HAVE to deal with the circumstances that come your way and you are most DEFINITELY often powerless over them. At this point in my life I try to be prepared with things like: Soothing music, my phone and always ready to jump into my ever reliable “God, save me from my anger” prayer!

This scenario is true in other aspects of my life as well: family, work, lines at the grocery store, etc.. (and seriously…Don’t even get me started on holiday shopping!) When spiritually fit, I get along better with others…but when I’m not, I’m always wondering, “What is their problem?” (Ha!)

The great news is that when I find myself wondering what someone else’s problem is, I can quickly address it by: (1) Recognizing that the problem is mine (2) Talking to a friend to get an outside perspective and (3) Asking God to help me. When I do this, it is amazing how quickly my perception changes and what good things often end up coming through reaching outside of me when finding I’ve hit my limit, especially when I reach out to the One who is limitless and always available!

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