Questions About Sponsorship – Part 2

The Paradox of Recovery: “We Keep What We Have By Giving It Away!”
August 8, 2014
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October 1, 2015

Questions About Sponsorship – Part 2

Glad to have you back for more “Questions About Sponsorship”. Today we are looking at three issues:

  • When do I get a sponsor?
  • How long do I have to have a sponsor?
  • What do I do if I move?

When do I get a sponsor?

NOW! Getting a sponsor/temporary sponsor as soon as possible is the best way of giving you the opportunity to REMAIN clean and sober. Upon the body being free of drugs/alcohol, it isn’t long before discovering that LIFE HASN’T STOPED. As the reality of “life on life’s terms” grows, there is an ever increasing need for a “program of action” to deal with it. A sponsor is the one person who can guide you in learning about: (a) What the steps are; (b) What the steps are for; and (c) How to apply them to your life ~ enabling you to find out what the outcome is. Most importantly it enables you to begin the healthy habit of “calling, talking and listening”…which when done during the good times, will make you more likely to do it during the tough ones.

How long do I have to have a sponsor?

There is nothing “set in stone” regarding this issue…However, it is a safe bet that as long as you’re breathing air, you’re human… and as long as you’re human, you’ll have the disease of addiction/alcoholism…and as long as you have this disease, you will need to be following the direction of someone other than yourself. So I would say wholeheartedly, “As long as you want to continue to be, (not just alcohol/drug free), but in recovery, (meaning to move forward and growing in wholeness), you will need to have a sponsor.” The truth is, no matter how long someone is in recovery, no matter how much is learned, no matter how involved someone is in helping others…NO ONE will ever know everything AND no one grows to the point of not needing someone to be accountable to and to receive guidance from.

What do I do about a sponsor if I move?

Life is full of change and one of those changes could mean moving to a new location, perhaps even a new state. At ANY stage of recovery, (1 year to 20+ years), this can be both difficult and challenging. The first and most important thing you will need to do is to, (of course), keep your current sponsor/temporary sponsor’s phone number and e-mail address. It will be even more important to keep in frequent contact with them, (possibly even daily), during this transitional period. Although tempting to not get a new sponsor and just continue to use the now “out of area/state” sponsor, it will be necessary to get a local sponsor. Let’s face it, no one likes change – but the truth is, it’s just part of living. It is important to have a sponsor that you are seeing in person and making yourself accountable to. A goal should be set to have a new sponsor/temporary sponsor within the first 7-14 days of arriving at your new residence. NOTE: This doesn’t mean you can’t maintain a relationship with your original sponsor.

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