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podcast-icon Listen to: Incomprehensible
Read by: Rebecca Balko
Length: 6:36

Incomprehensible ~ A powerful word that is defined as: Difficult ~ impossible to understand or comprehend; Impossible to know or fathom; Having no limits; Boundless; Incapable of being explained or accounted for.

There are things in this world that are Incomprehensibly Amazing, such as: The sound of a newborn babies’ cry and the moment you realize you never knew your heart could ever love SO much; The fact that every single human being is uniquely made, right down to their individual fingerprints and hairs on their head; The intricacy of the human body and the immense force of mankind’s will to survive; The expansiveness and complexity of the universe and beyond…as well as the reality, that for all efforts to prove otherwise…no other body like that of our Earth has ever been found; The beauty and awesomeness of the world around us, from the Grand Canyon to Niagara Falls – Mt. Sani to Mt. Everest – from the depths of the world’s oceans to the expanse of the worlds deserts; The way in which our lives are changed by the unique bond between mankind and our pets – and how without one single word, they so deeply effect our hearts, minds and our spirit; or How even the least amount of light can dispel even the deepest darkness…so to, the amazing power of even the smallest amount of hope, destroys hopelessness and changes the course of someone’s life.

Likewise, there are also many things in this world that are Incomprehensibly Terrible, such as: The tsunami that struck December 26, 2004, affecting 14 countries and killing over 230,000 people with waves as high as 100 feet wiping out entire villages; The attack on American soil September 11, 2001, by a total of 19 terrorists who highjacked 4 planes with passengers and crew on board, resulting in 3 successful strikes: one in Washington DC, two in New York City, and the other… an attempt that was stopped by the bravery of the passengers aboard Flight 93, which was brought down in Shanksville, PA, resulting in the death of all souls aboard. In total there were 2,977 victims (372 from 90 different countries) who perished that day; The ravages of cancer among the old and young alike, and the toll it takes on both those afflicted as well as their families; The tragedy of senseless criminal violence that occurs daily in our society and around the globe leaving behind it a wake of innocent victims, families and the survivors who must overcome what was done to them; The often silent suffering experienced by families of those individuals who are in the grips of active addiction, alcoholism and/or untreated mental illness ~ whose
lives are torn apart by the destructiveness common to this type of sickness, and who more often than not, are left to feel alone and isolated as they strive to find answers that continue to elude them, creating a cycle of anger, guilt and pain; Then there is the Incomprehensible Demoralization referred to in the Big Book text of Alcoholics Anonymous. THIS is the language used to describe what millions of addicts and alcoholics the world over hear and immediately recognize and understand. For it is in this state that one will do those things they never thought they would do, behave in a manner that they never thought they could and become what they never even thought was possible, due to an untreated illness.

Yet it is in the midst of these all consuming and hopelessly suffocating states of existence…that there is still yet another Incomprehensible…to be found in:

The moment you realize you’re NOT alone; When you feel for the first time in what may have been months, years or even decades…your heart race because you have heard the words that gave your spirit what it needed most ~ hope; The moment when you risk stepping away from your mind, intellect and survival skills…to instead reach out to an invisible God; The adrenaline that surges when you first realize that you aren’t waking up or battling throughout the day with the urge to drink, use or be controlled by whatever it is, that up until that moment, would never leave your conscious thoughts, and realize that you are indeed free; The incredible sense of purpose and worth you feel the first time you share a private part of your life and it results in someone actually telling you that “it helped them”; The indescribable moment when you reach the end of your first year of freedom, (from a bondage you can still recall with clarity), that you once thought you could never be free of; The overwhelming sense of calm that comes the moment you experience a connection with your Creator in a way so personal that no words could ever possibly describe it; Or the feeling that often comes at the oddest times: Perhaps while with family or friends,; Sometimes in a meeting, driving your car or even while sitting at home in a quiet moment…and you realize you possess something that is truly priceless ~ Indeed, our lives are forever changed by the experience of Incomprehensible Peace.

©2014 Rebecca Balko