Drug Addiction

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October 18, 2013
Discovering a Second Chance
October 29, 2013

Drug Addiction

Before coming to The Watershed, my life was spiraling out of control. Addiction was ruining all aspects of my life. My finances, health, relationships, and career were in dire conditions. I had known that I needed help for quite some time but was afraid to ask for any and was afraid to go through the painful withdrawal I knew I would have to endure.
In July of 2012 I was blessed with a perfect (and in my opinion, one and only) opportunity to go to treatment. I felt relieved that I was able to get help for my drug addiction.

The Watershed was very quick to get back with me to let me know they had an opening for me and could have me on a flight in a matter of hours. While I was at The Watershed, I was able to detoxify from the drugs that had held me captive for so many years. I was able to do this in a safe, private setting, surrounded by professionals that truly cared about my well-being. During and after detoxification I was being educated about and counseled on the root cause for my drug addiction, which is the disease of addiction. For the first time since I started using I was able to “wake up” and see things for what they truly were. I was able to start eating right and I was beginning to feel healthy again. I was also given good exposure to a 12-step fellowship that today I call “home”. In September, after being in treatment for 2 months, I had gained many tools that would help me stay clean and prepare me for my new journey in life and recovery.

Today, my life is going very well. I just celebrated 1 year clean on July 18th! I am back to work with a clear head and a direction. I am enjoying birthdays, holidays and other special moments with my wife and children and I am able to remember them! (something I couldn’t do in the past) I am also enjoying my new family of recovering addicts in the fellowship, building strong relationships with them over this last year. The possibilities for the future have now become endless! I can be or do whatever I set my mind to; stepping out of fear and into faith.

This life changing transformation began with The Watershed. I have a lot of gratitude for the services The Watershed supplied to me. Boynton’s accommodations were top notch, a very clean facility with comfortable settings. The food was also very good with a great variety and availability. The staff were professional all the way, from the nurses and doctors to the therapists and behavioral technicians. They were there for me and wanted to see me succeed. My experience at The Watershed is one that will never be forgotten. It was a great experience that I consider to be a life saving experience and one that started me on the road to recovery and freedom.

Thanks again for everything,

Nick V.